Royalties and Reality: My First Month

One of the things I was most excited about when I first published was to see how my book would do among the different retailers. Sales are so fickle and different for each author that it’s hard to guess how your book is going to perform. I have been planning this post for a long time now and I’m glad that I’m finally able to write it. I don’t know if this will be a monthly feature, but I plan on frequently sharing my numbers because I think it helps put everything into perspective.

First off, I have to say that I am thrilled about how my first month went! I sold over 30 books, although mostly to friends and family, but that’s still about $80 (I’m still waiting for the final Createspace numbers to come in and for Amazon to convert the currency). I sold books in the US (obviously), the UK, Germany, and Canada. I sold at least six paperbacks (although I think the reporting might be off because I definitely know I sold more than that…) and even got phone calls from people wanting to buy copies off of me personally. Exciting stuff!

I am a little disappointed that I only sold books on Amazon (and paperbacks on Barnes and Noble, although those numbers haven’t shown up yet). I figured that starting off with wide distribution would help me, but I think it may have actually hurt me. If I knew I wasn’t going to sell at any other retailers, I could’ve enrolled in KDP Select and used that to gain exposure or even tested out a few different price points. It makes me wonder if I should launch my second book in KDP Select in order to gain exposure for the first book. That’s something I’m seriously considering and will likely do, just because I can always go wide later.

Another thing I tried, but I don’t think helped, was get a short story up as soon as I could to help build my catalog. The problem is that it’s not related to The Blood Moon at all, so I don’t think it’ll do much to help the sales of that book. Still, without any promotion, Snow After Christmas has gotten three preorders. Not bad for such a short time. After all, it’s still summer.

Selling 33 copies in your first month isn’t bad. I’ve gotten three reviews so far (two 5-stars and one 4-star) and I’m playing around with keywords to see if anything helps. At the end of the month I’m going to run a $0.99 promo to see if that’ll help kick off sales, but if not, The Full Moon goes up for preorder in November after Snow After Christmas is released. I guess at this point, I need to focus more on building my catalog and sales funnels and less on promotion. The sales will come.

August Numbers

The Blood MoonIf you’re a fan of urban fantasy, witches, or anything paranormal, pick up The Blood Moon for an adventure that is just beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Royalties and Reality: My First Month”

  1. It takes some time to gain momentum on other sites channels besides Amazon– there is no “30 day cliff ” on any of them besides Amazon. So do not give up on Apple or Google Play ( if you were able to get your book on there) just yet, if you plan on staying wide.
    I do agree that building the catalog is the best way to sell more books, and should be the primary thing you and I are doing.

    1. All I can do at this point is hope that sales pick up. At least, until I have more books and paid advertising is more worthwhile. I know that I just need to have patience and keep on keeping on, but it’s frustrating sometimes. Still, I’m so excited for what I have planned for 2016! Right now I’m still building my foundation. Someday I’ll look back at this post and smile.

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