Book Review: For Love or Money

For Love or Money, Susan Kaye Quinn’s second book in her Crafting a Self-Publishing Career series, is all about changing your mindset when you begin to write.

This book has great information about writing for love or writing to market. I love the idea that you can do both. Write your money-making books while also writing your “craft” books that could also make you money. Or not.

One of the issues I had with this book is that the idea of writing to market wasn’t fully explained. For the most part it was left to, “Research the market.” She did give an example of how she analyzes new markets to write in, but that method might not work for everyone. Certainly not me.

Another thing that bothered me, like a lot of indie authors, was her general negative feelings toward traditional publishers. They weren’t too bad with this book, but they were present. She’s been traditionally published so maybe she just had a bad experience, but I don’t think that dictates what everyone’s experience will be.

Another thing worth mentioning, and this might be another sign that indie authors can have tunnel vision at times, I read the paperback version of this book. Even though at the beginning of the book she encourages you to pick up the ebook from Amazon for free, she didn’t seem to make any effort in the rest of the book to differentiate between what was intended for the ebook and what was intended for the print book.

I didn’t expect her to include links in paranthesis (although that would’ve been nice), but I didn’t want to see places that were clearly supposes to be hyperlinks. Having an underlined “Click here” with no link does me no good when reading the paperback. She could’ve even just said, “Find more information at…”

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I may even pick up the first book, although I have no immediate plans to do so. If you’re still a newbie, though, I’d start with the first book.

What I Found Most Helpful: Her attitude toward writers and their abilities. “Your results may vary” was a common theme throughout the book. Everyone dreams of a different Dream Author Life and she wasn’t pushing one way or another.

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