Draft 3 of The Full Moon is almost half done!

I’m about halfway through draft three of The Full Moon! It’s been a busy month so far, so today was really the first day I was able to sit down and power out a couple chapters of this book, but it’s a much easier process than it was when I was editing The Blood Moon (Maybe it’s my experience level? Maybe it’s the story? Maybe it’s Maybelline?) so I’m hoping to wrap it up in the next month. From there I’ll jump right into the third book, which I’m slowly plotting out now. That book will have intertwining characters and timelines that I have to plot correctly so I don’t get myself or the reader confused (spoiler: I will certainly be confused through at least one of the drafts).

Anyway, there is only a little over four more months until The Blood Moon is released. Stay tuned for news on the preorder and, later in the year, a cover reveal for The Full Moon and news on the preorder for that book!

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