Get Snow After Christmas FREE today and tomorrow!

I’m a Christmas nut, as is the rest of my family. We can’t help but note the significance of the 25th each month. To celebrate the halfway point to Christmas, I’ve made Snow After Christmas FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon (regular $0.99).

Please pick up a copy and leave a review! It’s also available in audio and paperback!

A chance moment. A snow storm. And the gift of a new beginning. 

Tristan is ready to party and ring in the New Year by kissing his soon-to-be girlfriend, Julie. The only bad note in his rocking night is the growing snow storm. Outside his apartment, he’s almost hit by Grace, the most beautiful woman with haunting green eyes. She’s on her own mission to get home to her grandfather.

In a selfless act reminiscent of the age of knights and chivalry, Tristan vows to get her home…never realizing they are both on a date with destiny and their lives will be forever changed by the SNOW AFTER CHRISTMAS…

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