Introducing my new formatting service!

When I first started looking into self-publishing, there were so many pieces of the process that I was immediately overwhelmed. There are so many things to consider with a level of expertise that I just simply didn’t have.

Luckily, I found wonderful people to help my put together a professional product. I hired out my copy editing and cover design, but one thing I took on myself—and did a great job at, if I do say so myself—was the interior paperback and ebook formatting.

Not only did I take it on, but I enjoyed doing it. I know that is not the case for all authors, but other authors might love creating their own covers or editing their own work. I need help for that, but not formatting.

That’s why I’m now offering my print book formatting and ebook file conversion services under DN Publishing—a budding small-press that I started.

I think the package of a book helps enhance the reading experience. You already have a great story and a killer cover. Let me take it one step further and create a stunning and simple design inside.

I focus on “neat and organized” designs that will draw attention to your story. I can do any size manuscript for most retailers and I accept any genre.

My prices vary by word count and service requested. I do have combo offers, so ask about those!

To see samples, click “Formatting” using the “DN Publishing” dropdown.

Please let me know if you’re interested! I hope I can be a part of your indie publishing career!

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