Publishing Frequency

One of the most frustrating things to hear from successful indie authors is to get the next book out as soon as possible. For people with day jobs, or for people who simply don’t produce books fast, this is such a challenge.

Before I started publishing, I thought I could put out four titles a year and be good. I knew it’d take me a while to build my catalog at that rate, but I thought it’d be worth it.

Now that I’m in the game, I realize that that’s not the case. Now I’m the one thinking that I should get the next book out quickly.

The best thing to do to reinvigorate your sales is put out a new book. Even with my small catalog, I see this firsthand. Especially when you release in a series.

Let’s take a look at my previous publishing schedule:

August 2015The Blood Moon (Under the Moon Series) [Novel]
November 2015Snow After Christmas [Short Story]
February 2016The Full Moon (Under the Moon Series) [Novel]
May 2016Limelight [Short Story]
August 2016The Harvest Moon (Under the Moon Series) [Novel]

That means it’ll take me a YEAR to get a complete three books in a series out. Three seems to be the magic number. Once you have three books, you have a trilogy, whether you plan to write new books or not. Readers will notice and will likely start to pick up your series because they know you’re invested in it. They can trust that you won’t leave them hanging.

But a year is too long.

I’m used to the traditional publishing world where a year is normal. But traditional publishers are major companies that put out many books a month. They don’t have to rely on one series to make a profit. Collectively, they’re making money from all the books they put out.

Indie authors, specifically new indie authors, aren’t like that. The one series is everything.

So this is what I’m proposing. Starting with The Harvest Moon, I’m going to release a new title every month until January. With the exception of September’s release, they’re all going to be in my series. Take a look:

August 2016The Harvest Moon (Under the Moon Series) [Novel]
September 2016The Independent Author [Non-fiction]
October 2016Blaze (Under the Moon Series) [Short Story]
November 2016Timeout (Under the Moon Series) [Short Story]
December 2016Blown Away (Under the Moon Series) [Short Story]
January 2017Deception (Under the Moon Series) [Short Story]

The short stories in the Under the Moon Series are not only strategic for marketing purposes, but they’re necessary for the story. I’ll give the shorts a month to perform on their own, but in March 2017, I’ll release the bundle of all four stories (The Crescent Moon to keep up the title structure) and then two months after that in May 2017, I’ll release the final novel in the Under the Moon Series.

Between August and May, readers will be getting a lot of content really quickly. Hopefully this will help generate sales for all of the books in the series and gain me some new readers as each of the books chart. Since I’ll be launching in Select, I’ll have KU borrows and Free days to play with.

Depending on how this works out, I may modify the schedule for my follow-up series to accommodate the release frequency. Wish me luck!

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