Special Post: The Blood Moon Release Day!

(We interrupt our regularly-scheduled posts to bring you this very important message…)

The Blood MoonThe Blood Moon is out!

The marker on the right has been counting down to this day for over a year, but the wait is finally over! My first novel, The Blood Moon, is available for purchase on all major retailers in ebook and paperback format!

For the past year I’ve been documenting each step of this publishing journey and finally I have something to show the fruits of my labor. If you wonder how a cover design from 99Designs looks on a paperback, pick up a copy. If you wonder the level of copyediting Tammy Salyer has done, pick up a copy. If you’re a fantasy fan and love all things witches and magic, pick up a copy. If you’re simply a fan of my writing or would like to support an indie author, pick up a copy.

From here on out, I’ll be posting updates on sales, different promos, different marketing and pricing ideas, as well as my regular posts documenting my continued career. Just because I have a book out now doesn’t mean this is the end of the road. To be quite honest, this is more like the beginning of the road. Now that I have a product out, I need to be able to sell it. So help give me the release day push and pick up your copy today!

If you’d like to know more about The Blood Moon and the history I’ve had with it, I posted a Behind the Book special on my website. Check that out here!

And lastly—because the cover and my plea to buy the book isn’t going to do it on its own—below is the back cover blurb. Hopefully it tickles your fancy and you pick it up (I’ve said that enough in this post, haven’t I?). If not, that’s cool. Maybe I’ll have a book in the future that will change your mind.

Brother witches Josh and Chris have sacrificed a great deal for their magical responsibilities. Their Aunt Kathy is the only family they have left, and together they must face their enemies to keep them from targeting any more victims. But when Kathy is put in the hospital after an attack, the boys are a witch short.

With the brothers at their weakest, they uncover a growing new power trying to organize the demonic hierarchy. Josh and Chris are left alone to battle an evil stronger than anything they’ve ever faced. An evil so strong it might cost them their lives.

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