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The Crescent Moon is now available!

The Crescent Moon – The Harper witches have grown apart in the ten years since they defeated Toxanna and Will Brown. Each of them are on their own missions in the magical and the non-magical worlds. However, one by one, the witches are warned of a powerful force that has been unleashed that may also be linked to the death of Chris and Holly’s baby daughter. As they fight for answers to this new threat on their own, they soon discover that they have no other options but to ask for help. Unfortunately, family isn’t always the first choice for sanctuary.

The Crescent Moon is a bundle of the short stories Blaze, Timeout, Blown Away, and Deception.

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Preorder Blown Away today!


The Under the Moon Series continues this fall! Preorder Blown Away, to be released December 3, 2016! Blaze and Timeout are also available for preorder!

Josh Harper hasn’t used his magic in a long time. Instead, he chooses to help people medically rather than magically. But giving up his supernatural side comes with the sacrifice of his family. With an estranged brother and an aunt he only sees in passing, nonmagical life isn’t everything Josh thought it would be.

His past pulls him back in after his inexperience with magic nearly gets him and a date killed. With no choice but to return to the magical world, Josh must come to terms with his actions and stop blaming magic for his fractured family.

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Go Indie – the book

It’s been over two years since I first started the blog. Initially called “The Independent Author,” I’ve recently renamed it “Go Indie” for a snappier title.

It’s been just over a year since I first began publishing and I thought it’d be appropriate to put everything I’ve learned in my first year into one book. That way, aspiring indie authors who use the Go Indie blog as a resource to plan their debuts won’t have to search through my site in order to find whatever it is they’re looking for.

Not only does the book collect my posts from throughout my first year of publishing, but I’ve updated each post with a reflection after a year in. My opinion of some things changed, my opinion of others didn’t. Basically, in that year I’ve gained perspective and have further defined what type of author I want to be.

I’ve also asked three of my friends to contribute a summary of their first year, so you’ll read about the first year of Sever Bronny, Andrei Cherascu, and Libbie Hawker.

Go Indie: A Guide to Your First Year Self-Publishing is now available across all major ebook retailers. Paperback and audio will soon follow, so stay tuned for the details.

Go Indie

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Thinking of self-publishing? Do you have a great book but not sure where to go from here? You’re not alone. Every day, authors are deciding to self-publish with varying levels of success.

Fantasy author David Neth shares his first year experience as an indie author including his mistakes, successes, and plans to grow his business in his second year. Using his journey as a case point, you’ll learn what worked and didn’t work for one author so you can determine what will work for you.

With chapters on writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and everything in between, Go Indie breaks down a typical first year for an indie to help you go from aspiring writer to published author.