Be the first to see my new book cover

I have officially wrapped production on my second book, The Full Moon! Everything’s all set to go for publication February 6, 2016. I should be getting the first printed proof in the mail tomorrow, which will be very exciting, as always.

I’ve been teasing about the cover reveal for The Full Moon for a week or two now and I’m ready to share it with all of you!

But, there’s a catch…

I’ll be revealing it exclusively to my mailing list on Saturday, October 10th.

“I don’t need anymore emails…”

Don’t worry! My emails aren’t just some hyped-up retail rewards program email that you forgot you signed up for to get 20% off a pair of jeans! I actually have things to say when I email you!

In this case, I have something to show you, too.

Members of my mailing list are always the first to know about new releases, sales, giveaways (*hint hint*), and updates on where I stand with my writing. (Also, it’s an insurance policy for me. If Amazon and all the other retailers somehow crash and burn, I still have my mailing list to get in contact with.)

“I don’t know. Can’t I just look you up on Facebook and Twitter?”

I mean, I suppose you can. But then you’ll be the last one in the know. Awkward.

Okay, so to spice up this deal, for those of you who join my mailing list, I’ll send you my short story, Snow After Christmas (which won’t be released until November 7th), for free. No charge to you. The only thing you need to do is sign up for my mailing list.

Be cool. Sign up for my mailing list. Be in awe when you see the cover for The Full Moon. And get yourself a free holiday story.

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