Behind the Book: The Crescent Moon

The idea for The Crescent Moon came before I was even done with the first three books in the series. Seeing how it was coming up on ten years from when I first started the early drafts of The Blood Moon, I wondered where the characters would actually be in ten years’ time. Plus, I’d given them so much hell throughout those three books that they needed a break to live and grow.

Of course, in keeping with the tone of the whole series, I couldn’t just let them have a happily ever after. So I came up with the idea that Chris and Holly were married, but are now divorced. The same thing went for Kathy and Josh’s careers, they both got what they were working toward, but it’s not everything they thought it would be.

The Crescent Moon was a good way to tie up loose ends in the series and introduce more threats and alliances that would lead into the final book in the series.

When I first came up with the idea for The Crescent Moon—which is a collection of four short stories, each focusing on a different main character in the series—I thought I’d put the Under the Moon books aside for a while, maybe put out some other books, and then tease an extension of this series with the four short stories before releasing them as a collection.

Obviously, that didn’t happen.

What I ended up doing was releasing them one-by-one originally right after The Harvest Moon was released, which…didn’t have the same impact I was expecting. I thought it’d be a great way to tease the end of the series but what I ended up doing was confusing everyone. Another lesson learned.

So finally I’m releasing all four short stories together in one book, which will serve as Book 4 in the series. The Blue Moon, which is the fifth and final book, will be released in May 2017.

The Harper witches have grown apart in the ten years since they defeated Toxanna and Will Brown. Each of them are on their own missions in the magical and the non-magical worlds. However, one by one, the witches are warned of a powerful force that has been unleashed that may also be linked to the death of Chris and Holly’s baby daughter. As they fight for answers to this new threat on their own, they soon discover that they have no other options but to ask for help. Unfortunately, family isn’t always the first choice for sanctuary.

The Crescent Moon is a bundle of the short stories Blaze, Timeout, Blown Away, and Deception.

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