Book Review: Golden Son

Golden Son by Pierce Brown

I’ve previously reviewed Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, which I enjoyed, but had some issues with the writing. I felt like there were moments when Brown got too caught up in the language and forgot to tell the story.

The same issues are present in Golden Son, although not to the extent of Red Rising. Maybe I just got used to Brown’s writing style? Maybe I just got more interested in the story? Maybe he just told the story and worried less about language? Either way, I think I enjoyed Golden Son more than Red Rising, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a few issues with Golden Son too.

I gave this book four stars on Goodreads too because I realized there were only certain characters I liked. Darrow is decent. He’s not my favorite character I’ve ever read, but he’s far from the worst. Sevro is probably my favorite, but still, his story alone didn’t grip me. The conflict Mustang faced was interesting, and even though her relationship with Darrow and the rest of the Howlers was confusing at times, I really enjoyed her.

That’s it, though. The other characters I didn’t care for. Octavia is smart. Augustus is manipulative. I just couldn’t get into the other characters. Pliny, Fitchner, Lorn—what is up with them? They’re with Darrow (or the people he’s with) and then they’re not and then they are again. The flip-flopping was hard to follow.

I don’t know. Maybe it all made sense, but I got caught up in the other aspects of the story. I get it, this is high-sci-fi, and while there were rules that were present throughout the two books, it seemed like new technology appeared whenever it was convenient. Some character would suddenly show up with some gadget that had never been heard of before (and not really properly explained) to save (or ruin) the day. This was minimal, though. Like I said, the rules were pretty consistent throughout.

In general, I enjoyed the story. There were certainly parts that kept me engaged, but nothing was pulling me to the next chapter. Maybe I’ve just grown pickier than I used to be about books? Maybe I’ve just been reading the same genre for too long?

I’m reading Morning Star next, so we’ll see how the series ends. I’m definitely looking forward to the movies to see the story on the big screen. I’m sure Brown had a very vivid image of the world he created, so the movies will be a perfect fit for it.

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