Book Review: Red Rising

I’ve been looking for a good book that I could get lost in for a long time now. Last year wasn’t the best reading year for me. Not many of the fiction books I picked up seemed to capture my attention.

There were a few gems: The Silkworm and The Maze Runner stand out. As do Half Bad and Half Wild. But most of the books I read last year didn’t do it for me.

That’s why this year I’m focusing on reading what I want to read. I’ve already given up on The Magicians. It wasn’t doing it for me. Meanwhile, I’ve been eyeing up Red Rising for a long time. Now that all three books are out, it seemed like the perfect time.

From page one, Red Rising grabbed me and pulled me into the story. Pierce Brown is such a great writer that it’s hard to believe that this is his debut book. (But that doesn’t mean it was the first one he’s written.)

At the beginning of the book, Darrow seems naïve and even a little lazy. His wife is pushing him to fight their oppressors and he tells her they have everything they need. But as the book goes on, he changes. Realizes the need for change. Becomes the person his wife wants him to be.

This would be a perfect book to pair with The Hunger Games. Essentially, that’s what Darrow’s time at the Institute is. A game. A test. With a lot of blood, fighting, and death.

I gave this book four stars on Goodreads because sometimes I felt like the author got wrapped up in the pretty language and the juxtaposition he was trying to create that he forgot to tell the story. But that was only during the slow parts of the book. For the most part it was gripping.

If you’re a fan of rebellion or science fiction or even The Hunger Games, pick up this book. Lucky for us, this series is complete and Pierce Brown has even announced that he’s writing another trilogy in the same world. Give the people what they want!

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