Book Review: Let’s Get Visible

The second book in David Gaughran‘s Let’s Get Publishing series (still waiting on book 3…) is focused solely on marketing and how to use Amazon to get your book more visibility and, in turn, more sales.

The back of the book totes the tome as an “advanced guide” intended for authors with more books to play with. While I think it’s certainly important to have a catalog of books greater than one to fully appreciate the ideas proposed in this book, it isn’t a requirement. Even before my second book was published, I found myself putting the book down to immediately tweak the metadata for my books and where they would show up on various lists.

The highlights:

  • Categories are explained fully. Prior to reading Let’s Get Visible, my books were ranked somewhere in between 2,000-20,000 for the sub-categories. Now, even when they’re not selling every day, they’re sitting anywhere from 100-900 in the sub-categories.
  • Understanding Amazon. The site is very secretive, but with meticulous studies that is explained in this book, authors can better understand how Amazon works with the various algorithms. With that knowledge, you can use Amazon to help you.
  • The power of series. If you hadn’t heard it yet, the power of series are explained here again.


  • Focuses almost exclusively on Amazon. There is a small section devoted to the other platforms, but compared to the exhaustive coverage of Amazon, the attempt seems halfhearted.
  • Keywords. Gaughran talks about how keywords are important and to “pick the right keywords,” but he doesn’t really dive too much further into that.
  • Outside links. The number of outside links in this book were certainly fewer than Let’s Get Digital, but I feel like with the length of this book, he could’ve added more to the book instead of pointing people away from it.

What I Found Most Helpful: The coverage of Amazon. After reading this book, The Full Moon had a better release than The Blood Moon on Amazon. As I complete my series, I can use the tools I learned in this book to determine when a good time to go wide is.

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