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2 thoughts on “Buy a paperback, get the ebook!”

  1. Hi David, I relate 100%, it is extremely hard when you follow your heart. But life is Always full of surprises, you will be shocked at where your path takes you. Now having been a mother for many year’s, who focused on providing for my children’s NEED’S rather than my own, now they are old enough to not need me so much, I have finally started doing what I have always wanted. Writing is a goal I may achieve ( as far as a book goes) but chatting /blogging is natural so is reading & reviewing, so that is the pathway chosen at this time.
    It’s still somewhat new, but a following has slowly grown and that has been over a period of 6-9 months.
    So basically what I am saying is DO NOT STOP!! I have only read one of your book’s so far, but truthfully you are extremely talented, you just need to find some direct sales techniques, and various types of advertising. Sometimes it feels like it is easier to go in another direction, but you would spend a life feeling unfulfilled. Anyway I am sure you know all this, so my blog site will be up and running properly in the next few weeks also my website will also become very busy, because I have got so many reviews written, some not posted yet ( with permission from the Author’s) as you know review’s can often do far better for the author if presented later in the promotional sequence, so I have given many Author’s permission to use my Michelle Chantler f/b page as a promotional tool if they wish, as Australia is a huge untapped e-book market, while some will be offered, the choice to use my blog site along with my promoting their book’s and doing interviews and general information about them, so we can promote their work in a format Aussies are used to.
    Sorry this is a bit long, but I really feel that any opportunity you can grab onto can only help, plus door’s open when least expected, also the avenue to find other platforms could be found simply by observing exactly what other’s are doing.
    Please do not take this comment as you not knowing what you are doing, but I believe that certain door’s get opened for a reason, so grab onto anything that can or could assist you in any way.
    Ok me done for the time being, also the offer is there if you ever need an ARC reader or Beta reader ok, I honestly think you really are well on your way to a great life, and thing’s will finally drop into place.
    See I told you blogging will never be a problem for me.
    Thanks again David and please get back to me with what you think.
    Michelle Chantler.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Michelle! I’d definitely be interested in taking a look at your Facebook page! Send me a link and I’ll be in touch. Also, I’d love to do an interview or whatever else you have in mind. Like you said, you need to take advantage of every opportunity.

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