Draft 2 of The Full Moon is DONE!

Yesterday, I finished the second draft of my second novel, The Full Moon. Surprisingly, it only took me about three weeks to work through it. The time I spent on a full read-through of The Blood Moon was maybe three times that length.

The difference is, Blood was written when I was 15 and modified little-by-little over the last eight years. I made major plot changes, combined two characters into one, cleaned up the teenaged writing, and really dove into the editing experience for the first time.

With Full, I had the experience of Blood under my belt already. Not to mention, the major plot was already spelled out. I had established the mythology within the world of the Under the Moon series and had defined the characters. I wrote Full in four months, whereas I think I wrote Blood in a year, year and a half, maybe. Hopefully the rate at which I went through edits for Full shows that I’ve grown as a writer and editor since working on Blood, but I’ll see when my editor reads through it and when readers read it. I’m sure they’ll leave feedback.

What I have planned next after giving myself a few weeks’ break from The Full Moon before I dive into draft 3 is the short story that will be released between The Full Moon and the third book in the series. It’s a story I drafted in my creative writing class in college. It still needs a lot of work (luckily, I kept my classmate’s critiques!) but I love the story. It’s something I’m excited about and it’s a bit of a different direction than my novels. A style I might explore further in a full-fledged novel in a couple years. You never know!

Besides that, I’m putting the final touches on the paperback version of The Blood Moon and am anxiously awaiting its release date. I’m hoping to have it up for pre-order in May, which will be very exciting.

Stay tuned for more!

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