Group Promos

I’ve touched on this a bit before on the blog, but today I’m focusing on group promos. Sometimes also called multi-author promos, group promos are a great way to network with other authors, reach more readers via other authors’ followers, and gain more attention to you and your books.

The first group promo I did was in February with 49 other authors. The purpose was to get mailing list sign ups. Any sales or reviews gained afterwards would be bonus (I didn’t get either). It was organized by another author in the fantasy genre and cost a small fee (I think like $8 plus the cost of my book, so mine was $11.99). She put together a giveaway that consisted of all 50 ebooks and a Kindle Fire. The first winner would get the Kindle loaded with all 50 ebooks and five other winners would receive the 50 ebooks.

Everyone who participated in the promo needed to notify their mailing lists and social media followers. Some people even opted to do paid advertising for the promo. The response was great and in just two weeks, we had 5,451 entrants.

That meant I got 5,451 new subscribers to my mailing list (Which didn’t all stick because not everyone read the fine print. In the end, I really gained about 1,600 new subscribers. Read my last post for a more detailed explanation.)

That promo in itself didn’t change my sales at all. But it gave me a better platform to announce future promos I was running. My next few free Select days saw about 200-300 downloads each. Not huge numbers compared to some authors, but a significant boost from my previous sales.

The taste of success made me hungry for more. I signed up for Patty’s monthly sci-fi and fantasy promo at the beginning of March that was targeted toward Kindle Unlimited reads. I was dumb and used a Select free day for the first day of the promo and got over 350 downloads. It was a nice bump, but not what I was looking for.

I signed up for another promo at the beginning of April, which didn’t do as well. I did make six sales (better than my previous zero) and 58 free downloads, but otherwise, that promo (which I paid about $15 for) was pretty disappointing.

Still, I signed up for several more group promos and I plan to continue to do so. Like I said earlier, they’re a good way to share the weight of marketing. I got to dip into other authors’ followers while giving mine a whole slew of free or discounted books.

I do fear that I’m saturating my list too much with my books. Right now, my releases are still pretty far apart (I had a short story release last month that didn’t do that well, as I suspected). The book I’ve been pushing the most to my readers is The Full Moon. How many times can I push the same book to them? Once they’ve bought it, they’ve bought it. End of story.

I’ve also pushed Snow After Christmas, but it’s a holiday short story unrelated to my series, so folks either aren’t interested in my non-fantasy stuff or they don’t care to read a holiday short story in the spring/summer. Still, I’ve seen a lot of good response to it that makes me want to write more Christmas stories. It makes me wonder how the title will do this fall closer to the holidays. Especially because I’ll have a number of new releases then.

The Blood Moon isn’t in Select and with the screwy way I released the books (The Full Moon should be first, yet it was released second, and The Blood Moon should be third, yet it was released first…) I’m limited to what I can promote. As I get more releases out, I’ll be able to play around a bit more.

One of the goals I have for this year is to really ratchet up the release of The Harvest Moon in August. Apply for a few paid promos and get in on some group promos to give the book a nice boost when it’s released August 6. I’ll be posting on that once it happens.

To wrap up this post, I’d just like to restate that group promos are an essential part to whatever success I’m seeing now. It’s still limited, but I see so much potential. I just need time and money to get more books out…so I can make money a different way. Funny how life works that way.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be where I am today, with the reach that I have, without group promos. At the beginning of the year I had about 20 subscribers and maybe five reviews total on Amazon. Now I have over 6,000 subscribers and over 20 reviews on Amazon. Still not a lot by some standards, but I’m very happy with where I’ve gotten. And its all thanks to group promos.

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