The Harvest Moon is now available!






The Harvest Moon is here! Pick up your copy today! Ebooks are available on Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo, with more retailers to be added soon. All my books will soon be available on all ebook retailers, so look for that.

A legacy of magic and danger.

All Danielle Bowen wants is a normal life: white picket fence, kids in the nursery, and peace and quiet with her husband Simon. But she can’t escape the fate her family has wrought for her. Born into a tradition of witchcraft, she has also inherited a deadly enemy: Toxanna, a dark witch who will stop at nothing to destroy the last of the Bowen line.

But will Danielle’s powers be enough to save her family—or even herself? And when Toxanna sets her sights on Holly, Danielle’s only daughter, will anyone have the strength to rescue the newly fledged witch? The darkness is closing around the last of the Bowens. In a world of wizards and powerful demons, how can one family of witches survive?

In the Under the Moon Series, The Harvest Moon is actually second after The Full Moon and is available in both a standard and a special deluxe edition!

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