My First Successful Promo

The first weekend in March, I participated in my first big promotion. It was actually my second multi-author promotion, but the first one I was a part of was to get mailing list subscribers, which played a huge part in the success of this promo.

I wanted to share some of my results. I wasn’t expecting much. I’m very happy with the results, though.

I submitted my latest full-length book, The Full Moon. It’s in Kindle Unlimited (KU) but I clearly didn’t understand the rules because I used Select days for the weekend instead of trying to get KU page reads ??? Also, my email list significantly increased on the second day because of the list I got from the promo I participated in in February. I also used a free day for my holiday short story on the second day, which got a lot more downloads than I anticipated. I was really only dropping the price to use my free days before my Select period ran out. So my results are likely a lot different than everyone else’s.


March 5: The Full Moon – 112 free downloads, 0 page reads

March 6: The Full Moon – 171 free downloads, 0 page reads
Snow After Christmas – 70 free downloads, 0 page reads
The Blood Moon – 1 sale (*Bonus*) ;D

I got 358 people to download my book. One person left a 5-star review and said they’d definitely read more of my stuff. For a time, The Full Moon hit #1 in a tiny subcategory. I’ve never hit #1 before! So cool!

I’m definitely looking forward to participating in more multi-author cross-promos. I feel as though they definitely benefit everyone.


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