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The Under the Moon Series continues with Blaze, a short story that will be released October 1st. This is the first in a series of four that will be released this fall and into the early part of next year.

These four short stories lead into The Blue Moon, which will be the final book in the Under the Moon Series, due out next spring. Blaze is only $0.99 and will be available at all retailers.

Ten years after he and his family triumphed over Will Brown, Chris Harper’s life is broken. Divorced and exiled by his own accord, he spends his time hunting down the sorcerer who murdered his baby girl. 

Pursued by a group that sees potential in his abilities, Chris is being hunted himself. After an attack that leaves him unable to recover on his own, he is forced to ask for help. But with the safety of his family on his mind, Chris may need to consider the group’s proposal if he’s ever going to find his daughter’s killer.

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