Small Town Christmas

A Christmas Reunion
Small Town Christmas, Book 1

I’ll be home for Christmas… 
Tracy Slater may be a successful pop star, but fame and fortune isn't everything she thought it'd be. Under the thumb of a husband who is growing steadily more abusive, she's decided her marriage is over. She just needs to make it through one more trip home for the holidays with him before she’s free. 
If only in my dreams… 
Stephen Austin worked hard to become the successful novelist he’s always wanted to be. So why isn't he happy? And why does he feel so lonely? Then he runs into his old girlfriend, the one he thought he had lost forever.  
Tormented by the mistakes of their past, Stephen sees his reunion with Tracy as a second chance. But does she feel the same way?

A Christmas Charade
Small Town Christmas, Book 2

It's time I found myself...

Charlotte Barlow has steadily been working her way up to her dream job at a magazine in New York City. But her success comes at a price: she's the only one single in her family, despite her mother's hope that she settle down.

Totally surrounded in your circles...

Kaden might be the new guy at the magazine, but it doesn't take long for Charlotte to catch his eye. When the editor-in-chief pairs them together for a project, Kaden sees it as the perfect opportunity to ask her out. Only, Charlotte has other ideas.

Desperate to please her family for just one year, Charlotte asks Kaden to pose as her boyfriend on her trip home. Faced with another lonely Christmas, Kaden agrees. Among the decorations and home-cooked meals, it doesn't take long for feelings between them to develop. Are they real or just a product of the charade?

A Christmas Spark
Small Town Christmas, Book 3

Please come home for Christmas...

Tanya Bennett is still feeling the effects of her mental breakdown from last year. She lost a lot of loved ones in a short period of time, but most notably her son, who she can't see without supervision. She's doing the best she can to keep it together, but a bad reputation is hard to overcome. Her only hope at a happy Christmas is how well her upcoming court date goes.

If not for Christmas, by New Year's night...

Adam Allen is still trying to figure out how to co-parent with his controlling ex, who is always quick to criticize his parenting. It doesn't help that he's so forgetful and he works a lot, but at least he's trying. It's hard for him to find someone who can relate, until he meets Tanya.

Adam feels an instant connection with her, but her episode the year before has ripple effects that could alter both of their relationships with their kids.