The Blood Moon Proof Copies!

Finally, after two weeks of learning InDesign and playing around with the print formatting, I have uploaded my files to Createspace and ordered my first copy of The Blood Moon! It’ll be the first time I ever see a book I wrote in a printed, bound format. I’m elated and I can’t wait until next week Wednesday when it’s scheduled to arrive!

This, of course, doesn’t mean that I’m done with my book. Far from it actually. Sadly, my book won’t be out until August. Before then I have to get the comments back from my final proofreader, make the changes, make sure the page count is within reason for the spine width my cover designers created, and then finish formatting the ebook version. Plus, I want to get the second book almost completely done before I release the first, so there’s that. The first draft is done so I’m gearing up to get going on the second draft.

But the proof copy is a step forward and I’m beyond excited about it!

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