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The Crescent Moon

The Harper witches have grown apart in the ten years since they defeated Toxanna and Will Brown. Each of them are on their own missions in the magical and the non-magical worlds. However, one by one, the witches are warned of a powerful force that has been unleashed that may also be linked to the death of Chris and Holly’s baby daughter. As they fight for answers to this new threat on their own, they soon discover that they have no other options but to ask for help. Unfortunately, family isn’t always the first choice for sanctuary.

The Crescent Moon is a bundle of the short stories BlazeTimeoutBlown Away, and Deception.


Ten years after he and his family triumphed over Will Brown, Chris Harper’s life is broken. Divorced and exiled by his own accord, he spends his time hunting down the sorcerer who murdered his baby girl.

Pursued by a group that sees potential in his abilities, Chris is being hunted himself. After an attack that leaves him unable to recover on his own, he is forced to ask for help. But with the safety of his family on his mind, Chris may need to consider the group’s proposal if he’s ever going to find his daughter’s killer.



More than ten years after Kathy’s divorce, she is now a successful author in the midst of releasing her third book. A determined businesswoman, Kathy’s focus has solely been on her career lately. While magic is still a part of her life, it’s no longer her purpose.

On her way home from meeting with her publisher, Kathy encounters a man spewing threats of a malevolent force. Chalking it up to another crazy New Yorker, she ignores him.

Then he calls her name.

Thrown back into a world of magic and danger, Kathy searches for answers before this force can hurt anyone. But is she already too late?

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Blown Away

Josh Harper hasn’t used his magic in a long time. Instead, he chooses to help people medically rather than magically. But giving up his supernatural side comes with the sacrifice of his family. With an estranged brother and an aunt he only sees in passing, nonmagical life isn’t everything Josh thought it would be.

His past pulls him back in after his inexperience with magic nearly gets him and a date killed. With no choice but to return to the magical world, Josh must come to terms with his actions and stop blaming magic for his fractured family.


As a resident of Lily Dale, NY, Holly hasn’t escaped her divine past. The center of spiritualism feeds Holly’s appetite as a witch while maintaining her anonymity.

Since the death of her daughter, starting over was all she wanted to do. But what she wants might not be in the cards. After several tarot readings show nothing but heartache for her future, Holly worries she may be in danger.

Her fears are realized when her next client warns her of a former enemy who never died like Holly thought. In order to defeat this old enemy and truly move on with her life, she may need to swallow her pride and call in old allies.