Why Having Money Helps

Well isn’t this the most obvious title ever. Sure, you hear some people claim that “money can’t buy happiness” and while I believe that’s true to an extent, money can buy A LOT.




I’ve been pretty frank about my financial limitations since I started blogging. When it comes to money, I don’t really have any. I wish I did. Not for the vain reasons I used to think about when I was a kid, but because it would give me the freedom to achieve more of what I want to achieve.

If I was rich, I would still be working. I wouldn’t care about whether my books sold, but since I likely wouldn’t have a day job, I would be able to write books faster and naturally my income would increase. So you already see the catch-22 we’re in as new authors without much money to produce books or market them.

Now that I’m in my second year of publishing, it might be time to stop calling myself a “new” author, but the fact of the matter is I still don’t have a lot of money. Slowly (and I mean veeeeery slowly), I’m building a foundation. Like everyone, my thought is that if I can get enough books out in the right genre and market them the right way, I’ll finally have a hit on my hands.

I love reading all the success stories where authors discuss how much money they’ve made. More people than I expected make more money in a MONTH than I make in a YEAR at my day job. The bar is set high, but I’ll get there.

Even if I made a day job’s worth of income from my writing, I believe it would only increase. I would have all day to work on my books, meaning I’d have 40 hours a week to work on them as opposed to the 20 hours I find here and there now.

Another benefit of having enough money to write full time (and I’m talking $30,000-$40,000 a year, nothing too extreme) would the ripple effect it would have throughout my life. I wouldn’t have to cancel plans on the weekends because I want to finish my book. I could spend my evenings reading or watching TV instead of working on my books. Basically, my “work” time would be confined to an 8-4 Mon-Fri period.

Sure, there will be some variation. Maybe I’ll take a long weekend once a month or an extended vacation in the summer, but my life will once again have balance. Right now, I have two jobs, only one of which I’m really passionate about. I’m working all the time and I feel guilty when I’m out with my friends and not working on some part of my book because I know come Monday morning I’ll be back at the office working for somebody else.

The good thing is, with each new release I see an uptick in sales. I just have to be more conscious of releasing quicker and writing closer to market. Someday, I’ll be one of the authors who makes $30,000-$40,000 a month. If not, I’ll at least be making that much in a year.

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